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Hurricane Rated Fabric Shutters
Rolsafe’s Hurricane Rated Fabric Shutters are an ASTM level E Missile hurricane shutter designed for homes, businesses, and storm shelters. It uses an Aramid fiber that is comparable to Kevlarβ„’ and tested to absorb 3x more impact energy than FBC (Florida Building Code and Miami Dade NOA. Rolsafe’s Hurricane Rated Fabric Shutters are in a class by itself, and there is no comparison.

Hurricane Rated Fabric Shutters exceeds the performance of other roll-down products at competitive prices! It can be used all year long, blocking the sun, stopping ultra-violet rays, blocking wind, and providing a safe area for storage of pool furniture hurricane. It also helps prevent damage to outdoor kitchens. They also create a barrier from the cold during colder weather in the winter months. Hurricane protection when needed, but used for daily use all other times.
Truly an all-season, multi-use product with great value.

Our Hurricane Rated Fabric Shutters are designed to minimize wear caused by the friction and rubbing of the screen moving up and down through the tracks by encapsulating the screen with two additional pieces of polyester webbing on each side. This minimizes the breakdown of the structural material of the screen, ensuring there is no loss of strength from usage. This isolation allows the screen to be used on a daily use without compromising its initial strength.

Client Testimonials

Great experience with Rolsafe. We can now put the shutters up and down and not worry about disturbing our upstairs neighbors at any time. Bravo Rolsafe for hiring folks who know how to do their job and then some.

G. M.


I called Rolsafe and they responded by coming out that day to inspect my needs. Their knowledge and manner convinced me to sign up that day and present a check for the full price. On the date of the new replacement shutter installation, Virgil and Robert worked with coordination, care, and concern for the area and cleaned up everything.

Betty R.


I had Rolsafe for an installation. I like my shutters fine!



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