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Our Products
Roll Down Shutters
Roll down shutters are the most simple and convenient of all options. They provide maximum storm protection against driving rain, wind, and flying debris. Rolldown shutters are available in manual or motorized, made from either heavy gauge aluminum or hurricane rated fabric.
Hurricane Rated Fabric Shutters
Rolsafe’s Hurricane Rated Fabric Shutters are an ASTM level E Missile hurricane shutter designed for homes, businesses, and storm shelters. It uses an Aramid fiber that is comparable to Kevlar™ and tested to absorb 3x more impact energy than FBC (Florida Building Code and Miami Dade NOA. Rolsafe’s Hurricane Rated Fabric Shutters are in a class by itself, and there is no comparison.
Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters are ideal for protecting large openings on residential homes, condominiums, and businesses. They provide the maximum in safety against anything Mother Nature throws at your home. Rolsafe’s exclusively engineered Accordion Shutter is the strongest in the industry.

Hurricane Rated Windows, Doors, and Sliders

Hurricane rated windows, doors, and sliders that are built to withstand hurricane-force winds and debris, without distracting from the appeal of your home. This option can also increase energy efficiency while shielding the home from the sunlight and harmful UV rays.

Lexan Panels

Lexan panels are clearly the right choice for homeowners who wish to retain visibility before, during, and after a storm. One of our most cost-effective products, these offer hurricane protection while keeping an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Protection for every situation and budget

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