Impact Rated Garage Doors –
Designed to withstand the intense pushing and pulling effects of extreme winds

Rolsafe’s line of impact rated garage doors
is engineered for the purpose of minimizing
damage to property from the effects of
extreme windstorms and airborne debris.
> Miami-Dade Product Approval

> Independently tested for large-missile impact resistance

> Engineer-certified to meet and exceed local windload requirements

After hurricane Andrew, south Florida learned firsthand what airborne debris could do to a structure during extreme storms. With this new found knowledge, came the development of a better garage door system that would meet and exceed the stringent Florida Building Codes.
The result was the industry's first garage door system engineer with a structurally reinforced load-component concealed within the perimeter of each door section. This patented structural component transforms the door into a monolithic wind barrier that is better able to resist the effects of severe windstorms.