Miami-Dade  and Florida Building Code Certified Accordion Shutters -
The strongest protection in the industry!

Rolsafe's  Accordion Shutters provide the maximum in safety against anything Mother Nature throws at your home. Rolsafe's exclusively engineered  Accordion Shutter is the best and strongest in the industry. Installed by Rolsafe's expert staff, these Accordion Shutters' top track design and wheels provide deployment with relative ease when a storm has your home in its sights or if you plan to take a vacation and want added security.

Accordion Shutters are exclusively designed by Rolsafe with a heavy-duty locking system and heavy duty aluminum alloy for added safety and security against wind, water and home intrusion. Extra wide blades minimize stack size with a thickness that makes these shutters exceeded even the toughest code requirements. Available in standards white, ivory, beige and bronze and custom colors to match your decor, accordion shutters are an attractive choice for discerning customers.