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Rolldown Shutters

Rolsafe’s Roll Down Shutters blend into your home’s façade, exposing its beauty, while acting as a beast against the ravages of nature. Our shutters’ attractive design comes in a variety of standard and custom color options that complement your home, condominium or office building.By far the most desirable shutter system offered, the roll down shutter system offers optimal storm protection and unequaled ease of operation. Once installed, homeowners can open and close the shutters with a touch of a button. In fact, automatic Roll Down Shutters can be fully employed within seconds. They provide a strong storm barrier and enhanced home security against intruders year-round.

Ideal for protecting large windows and openings, these shutters offer over 20 feet of protection without unsightly storm bars. Our uniquely engineered rolling systems are virtually indestructible and provide the quickest and strongest deployment on the market. Roll down shutters can be deployed by a wall switch, a remote control or, in the event of a power outage, they can be opened and closed manually.


Accordion Shutters

Rolsafe’s Accordion Shutters provide the maximum in safety against anything Mother Nature throws at your home. Rolsafe’s exclusively engineered Accordion Shutter is the strongest in the industry. Accordion Shutters’ top track design and wheels provide deployment with relative ease when a storm has your home in its sights or if you plan to take a vacation and want added security.

Extra wide blades minimize stack size with a thickness that makes these shutters exceed even the toughest code requirements. Available in white, ivory, beige or bronze, Accordion Shutters are an attractive choice for discerning clients.



Lexan Panels

Lexan Panels Shed Light on Hurricane Protection. Lexan Panel shutters are clearly the right choice for homeowners who wish to retain visibility before, during and after a storm. One of Rolsafe’s most cost-effective products, Lexan Panel shutters offer hurricane protection and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Uniquely, they can be used on arched or bay windows because the material conforms to the shape of any surface. With permanent storm tracks installed by Rolsafe, Lexan Panel shutters are installed prior to a storm by homeowners. Because of their translucent properties, many choose to leave these shutters installed on windows throughout the hurricane season.

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